Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We love our house! Our land lady takes great care of our place including all of the landscaping outside. We also have another bedroom and laundry room that I didn't show- we love all the space! We bought a couple of tables really cheap for the living room and sanded and stained them this weekend and they turned out great!

Our New Car!

This car is a true blessing from God and meets our needs everyday. We hope to use it to bless others whenever we can!

We got up early as usual on the fourth. I think we made it to the shelter at 7:30. Everyone else showed at 8~ they didn't understand why we wanted to eat so early?! That's part of the fun and we didn't want to miss the parade. We were successful and fed six families! Afterwards we found our spot at the parade-across from Earth Fare Grocery and waited for who knows what! The parade was longer than we thought with the typical floats including a confederate float and a float with a lady who was yelling out all the names of the soldiers who have died. It was weird and that definitely doesn't happen in IC. We then went home and took a lllloooonnnggg nap! All three on the futon mat, ha! Adam and I started making sandwiches and Blake reminded us that you are supposed to buy them from somewhere like Milo's. We didn't care so much and continued to make our own while planning to stop at subway for Blake later. We stopped he got what he wanted and we arrived at the park. We opened our cooler to eat and what did we forget? Our sandwiches!!!! We should have just stuck with the plan! We had plenty of other yummy stuff though! We didn't really know where to sit for the fireworks because everyone in Boone stays in their cars so we ended up almost directly underneath them. We were dodging ash, trilling! The next day we celebrated the fourth again, one town over by sitting through a parade in the rain, watching a magic show and of course going to fireworks at a gorgeous golf club! I'd say we got our fill, and started a great tradition here!

Quality time with Blake

We were so happy Blake could come visit us! We saved our first experience at Bojangles for when Blake came. We stopped on the way to our house and devoured fried chicken, bisquits and whatever sides they had left at ten. They had also ran out of their famous sweet tea. While he was here we went on a hike, celebrated the fourth, cooked out, played bad minton, went to woodlands barbeque where you really feel like you're in the south with the live music, and drove around showing off our new town. The boys went fishing and golfing one day while I worked as well. We enjoyed taking fun pictures with our camera that's on loan!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

First Bog Ever!!!

Yeah blogging!!!!