Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hiking Adventures

We went hiking today on a new road called Globe rd. It's a part
of NC we haven't explored yet! We found a snapping turtle on
the first path which Adam is holding and later in the leaves. We
also found a snail and some pretty butterflies! The last picture is
of the side of the hill that we had to climb down to get to the trail
at the bottom. You can barely see it, but it was worth getting down
to see some pretty waterfalls! It was a good day to go out exploring!

Friday, May 22, 2009

School Campout

Last night Mr. Bassett; another teacher from Grace, his wife tracy,

adam and I all took 8 kids camping behind a stream on one of the fifth

graders land. We played wiffleball, football, roasted hot dogs and malos,

learned how to set up tents, how to make a bridge to cross the stream and

told stories. It was a great time. I especailly enjoyed just hanging out with

the kids not in school where we could just have fun!!! Adam and I didn't spend

the night because he had to work today, but I think they were pretty crowded

the way it was!