Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Good Day to be a Fisherman

Adam caught these beautiful brown trout a few weeks ago with a friend.
We, yes we, cleaned them and then enjoyed them for dinner. So yummy, they
tasted like salmon they were so fresh! He hopes to have more Saturday mornings
that are this great!

The Greatest Journey Video

Here is a video about the OCC Discipleship project Adam has been working to develop over the last year or so.

Fun in the Spring

We went down to Winston-Salem to see
John Gilmore play baseball and to have a night out of Boone!The third
picture is of some of my fifth graders this past week at our spring recitation.
They performed their memory work including bible verses, their history song
which is a timeline from early explorers to the year 1815, the Declaration of
Independence and the Preamble. It was fun to watch them shine; they've been working so hard!
We have one week of school left. I think we are all ready for summer break!