Friday, November 28, 2008

First Turkey Day in Boone!

After dinner coma.... I can't lie-we all slept-not just the boys!! This is the first year I remember actually getting in a good nap!

We shared Thanksgiving with our friends Rob and Claire who had to work yesterday so they ate with us today! The food was ssooo good! Thanks for the help Claire!

We had everything from stuffing, to two kinds of sweet potatoes, to mom's cranberries, to green bean casserole and rolls!

We also had fun having a carved turkey on the table!! yum! Dos- I didn't mess it up!

Williams brought over their table and chairs to help us out! I don't know if anyone has ever brought over their kitchen table to someone's house before?! We appreciated it.....
Now it's time for pie with another fun family!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Two SNOW days in one week?!!!

I didn't think teachers were ever this excited about snow days, now I know differently. I woke up this morning with the same feeling I got when I was ten and school was cancelled. There's just something about seeing the beautiful snow fall, knowing you get to climb back in bed, drink hot chocolate and be inside watching it pile up on everything that makes you feel great inside! The family that calls the snow days said it hasn't been like this in Boone for years so can't believe we had two days in one week! The snow plow still hasn't come by our house and it's noon! Good thing I don't have to be anywhere today. Hopefully Adam makes it back from his meetings today in Asheville! Wish Jake and Blake were here to throw snowballs at, ha!

A night with Perry!!

Adam and Perry worked together in the Philippines. Perry was asked to come help give ideas for the new discipleship program so we had her over for dinner one of the nights she was in town. It was so great to finally meet a good friend who I've only heard stories about.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

thank you for all the birthday fun!!!

Thank you for all the wonderful things i was given thursday. yes those are cubs shoes from who else but blakie... gumballs, life is good apparel and roses... the picture with the box is what made me smile the most. lindsey sent me her gift in a dinged up 20 year old box. i'm not trying to embarass her, i just thought it was great that she could send me her gift in that duck taped, dented box because she knew i wouldn't care! love ya linds!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

We finally enjoyed our cake...

My parents brought our cake all the way down with them from Iowa on dry ice when they came to see us we got to enjoy it today!! Thank you for bringing it all the way here! What great memories!!

Christmas is coming...

Don't forget to pack your shoe boxes!!!!