Wednesday, January 26, 2011

january 2011

I haven't posted anything for a long time. This is because of a couple reasons. My camera has not had batteries for 3 months which means I don't have any good pictures to post, and for some reason I think you have to have a picture to post in order to write, and secondly I do not like to write. I really enjoy reading other people's blogs and feel inspired by them, but don't really think I have anything to share like that.
I have decided to get over my block and just write about our past month.

I was nervous going into this month. December was such a great month, seeing all of our friends and family, not working much, football was in high gear and we got out of Boone. I thought January would be a let down. It always seems like you get a little "blue" during this month.

I have been surprisingly joyful this month. I would even say it's been the best January in a long time. I think Adam being here ALL month has really helped keep life "normal" and exciting!

Here are a few of the things we've been up to this month:
1. We had Dan and Christa here for a long weekend. While they were here we cooked spaghetti, Dan made us his Norwegian pancakes, played risk, got take-out Chinese food, went for two hikes in the snowy mountains with their big dog teddy, watched playoff football, went to our church, slept in and drank lots of good coffee.
2. Eaten tons of sushi! Adam and I have probably become addicted over the past couple of weeks. I've learned that maki rolls with whitetail fish are my favorite. We've tried 3 different places in town and if we have any excuse to celebrate you'll find us at a sushi bar. Adam is very adventurous with what he will eat because of his job, and because of this he's gotten me to try different kinds. I never would have on my own. I am thankful to him for this new fun food!
3. I started playing volleyball in a girls league on Sunday and Monday nights. We have six girls on our team who are all fun and good at the game! Adam loves our matching t-shirts which are believe it or not, bright pink with sparkly crowns on the front. These were obviously not my choice, but I don't mind being that girly sometimes!
4. Talked to Blake, Dos and Kate and my family on Skype. Thanks for keeping in touch with us, I am not good at calling people on the phone!
5. Started to exercise a little. Adam is teaching me how to work out at home because of all this snow! I have been very sore this month!
6. Adam has started getting cortisone shots for his back. We hope they start helping soon. He is ready to get back to normal life.
7. Adam and Blake have been switching off with who picks the "song of the day". Every other day Adam has to pick a song for the day to share with Blake and I. Then it's Blake's turn. I have enjoyed hearing some of their choices. The boys have gotten pretty creative. Blake- Adam has some pretty sweet ones for you coming up. I didn't even know they made songs like the ones he has stored up. My favorite part is that they don't pick the song till that day. It has to "match the day". Ha.
8. I have really enjoyed my job. I have three wonderful 4th graders. Jack is from Kazakhstan and has the wittiest sense of humor. He is always asking me about my day and if how my family is. Very sweet boy. Barrett is full of life and energy. There is constant singing and dancing going on in my room. Reminds me of home:) And then there's Maria who is Greek and good at hanging out with the boys and holding her own. She is a very bright girl who just loves school. These kids love to talk, they talk about anything. But what has been especially sweet is talking with them about the Lord. They are at that age where they have so many questions and are starting to really understand who Jesus was and about faith. They could talk for hours. This is very humbling and I pray for wisdom while I'm with them. I can see the challenges I will have someday with my own children and this is hopefully helping me think through some things before we get there. Children really are like sponges and you have to be so careful what you teach them!
9. I have really enjoyed going to church this month. Before this month we hadn't been to our church for 6 weeks because of snow or coming home. It is good to be back. We have been going through the Exodus and learning a lot about Pharaoh and who he was, the plagues and their purposes, and total depravity. This is a hard issue for me. It is hard for me to really think of myself as totally depraved and deserving of hell. That is not easy. But I am thankful that this is the case. Because I am totally depraved I must rely on a merciful God to save me. I can do nothing myself. I am again humbled by the fact that he will save me. He doesn't need to. He would be perfectly just in punishing me. He doesn't need me or to redeem me, but it must bring him glory to do so. He has promised throughout scripture that he will redeem his people. We will one day worship him forever and ever. I can't wait to understand pure joy in this way. Thank you Lord for saving me.
10. I am trying to really enjoy everyday that is given to me. Some days are harder than others, especially when they are boring or I have a bad attitude. I want to have less of those days. We are all works in progress. I thank the Lord for his new mercies everyday and for not being just with us. I am thankful for the place in life that I am. I have so many things to be thankful for!

It is going to be a great year. Lots of fun and crazy times ahead!


vicki said...

Glad you're back to blogging! Regardless of what you say, I think you just might be inspiring also! Keep writing!!
Fun to hear what you guys have been up to! We miss everyone so much after having all that time together! Bittersweet!
Also, I think we got to enjoy the fruit of the "song of the day" pick a few days ago... Adam told the boys to listen to a particular song...we all loved it.
And, just like your classroom full of 4th graders, lots of dancing going on here too...always!!
Glad you've had a good one, but also glad January is almost over!!

The Fam said...

I'm glad you posted, you're really good at it! I don't say that just cause you're my daughter either.And thanks for sharing what God has been teaching you this month too. One of my fondest memories is reading the bible on the couch when you were little and trying to answer all the questions you had about God (sometimes I think you did it just to stay up later, but I didn't care :)). I'm glad he is faithful to his promise not only for eternal life but for abundant life here now no matter our circumstances. I am certainly grateful for his blessing of our children! Keep writing!